A human approach to augmented reality.

We started this company in pursuit of a better way to usher in the next chapter of our relationship with personal technology.

We believe that collaboration, focus, and a dedication to simplicity, pursued as both means and ends, are powerful ingredients for truly breakthrough innovation.

And the way we see it, a breakthrough in augmented reality is exactly the kind of generational opportunity that demands nothing less.

So we’re a taking a highly contrarian approach to an immature product space with our sights set on a breakthrough.

No more overpriced goggles.  

No more dangling wires.  

No more marketing gimmicks.

AR should be useful out of the box, last all day, and fit in your pocket. It should amplify your biological powers and convey beauty. It should facilitate warm, serendipitous connection with the people around you, no matter where you are in this one world. If you believe in this vision of our future with technology, you’ll like what we’re building.

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The Brilliant Team
Hardware Lead
Venkat Rangan
Head of Design
Benjamin Heald
Bobak Tavangar